Important Information – Taking care to not injure yourself is very important with any workout that you are doing. Make sure that you are medically fit to do this excerise. If you have an injury that is aggrivated by this workout it is recommended that you do not do this excercise and that your seek alternatives from a professional.

During this exercise we will be focused on two major things.

  1. Foot Movements
  2. Punches

First we will begin by focusing on your stance. Move one foot foot forward 2 to 2 1/2 foot lengths forward. Your front foot should be facing forward. Your back foot should be at turned sideways or 90 degrees from the direction your front foot is facing. Another option is for your front foot to be facing forward and your back foot to be at a 45 degree angle. See the two below images to help with your stance.

Our next focus will be on the movement. You want to lightly bounce back and forth from your back foot to your front foot. To ensure that you are properly doing this make sure to focus your weight on the front triangle of your foot (See image below). This acts like your shock absorbers. If you bounce flat footed (which means your weight distrubuted equally across your foot) you take a chance of hurting your knees and ankles.

Finally, we want to add in our punches. Now that you have the movement down pat we want to add punches. There are several different methodologies on how to punch. You can find out more information on punching by checking out our Punch – Technical Breakdown page. For this excerise though just focus on doing a double punch (Front hand then Backhand) each time you bounce forward.

This combination of movement and striking is great for working on your leg muscles, arm muscles, coordination, and timing.

Also check out this great video about punching from

  • Workout Time – 15 – 20 mins
  • Workout Type – Full Body
  • Difficulty Level – Medium

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – If you are not sure what an exercise is please click the excersize name and it will link you to a page with a more indepth description.

Set – 6 Minutes

Take a 1 minute break then repeat the set 2 more times

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